Week 37: Hunting Wabbit


It’s time to play catch up with my updates here on the blog! I know it’s Wednesday already but I’m going to split my writing so that I still have my conventional end-of-week post for last week.

On Friday, I butchered my first rabbits. (Luckily for me, they arrived cleaned and frozen so I did not have to “dispatch” them.) Breaking it down was pretty easy and reminiscent of a chicken, but de-boning it was a pain in the ass. Since I was harvesting the meat to be ground up in a terrine, it didn’t matter that my knife work wasn’t so great. But we also have a rabbit dish on the menu right now, and for that, Chef trims off the teeny tiny rack (just like a rack of lamb but miniature) and the loin (saddle) in one beautiful piece. Watching him made me want to buy a rabbit (or heck, even a chicken would do) and practice butchering and de-boning at home.

Service was busier than we had been in a while but still not quite enough to keep Chef’s mind occupied. As a result, he ended up yelling at us for the smallest things. Poor Sous Chef S always bears the brunt of Chef’s wrath, but he saw me working a ticket I had on my rail and shouted that I should be helping Pantry get their dishes out first and to do the tickets in order. In order?? So now I’m supposed to keep track of their rail and my own? That ticket didn’t even have a Pantry dish on it and besides, they literally had just finished the majority of their tickets, so there was no point in my trying to help them. It was frustrating and aggravating.

After work, Honey Bunny and I got a call from a friend to go meet up for drinks and late night bites, so at least I got to unwind and recharge.


Saturday was busy during both prep and service. I had a lot on my list after the unexpected number of covers the night before, and thankfully, Meat Guy was floating so he helped me knock out some of the items. I also had to pack a picnic basket of sorts for Chef to bring some of our charcuterie on a fishing trip with fellow chefs (pictured above). Must be nice!

Service started off slowly, giving me time to finish some last minute prep. But soon it picked up and by the end of the night, we were all exhausted from the chaos. Chef patted us all on the back and simply said “Good job tonight.”


When I got off work, Honey Bunny was still out with his friends so I met up with my dear friend H for a late night meal at our favorite Korean place. She was working late as well on a Saturday night and we were both starving so it was just perfect.

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