Inspired by a Book


Yesterday (Tuesday) felt like a long day. For starters, we had to come in at the normal time which is strange so early in the week. It turned out that there was a lunch catering order that had to be ready by noon, and Chef and Station Lead were already there hard at work by the time I arrived. Chef had me help him with sandwiches, buttering the bread and assembling slices of tomato, balls of burrata, slices of prosciutto… between the three of us, we were done just in time.

Sous Chef S didn’t leave a lot on my prep list, at first glance, until I realized that he had forgotten a good amount of other things I had to do. It was not a crazy amount of work but definitely enough to keep me occupied until service.

Service was slowwwwwwwwww. I found myself wandering around looking for things to do. I helped Pantry shuck oysters, I cleaned shelving units, I even started putting away other people’s mise – Pizza Guy’s mushrooms, Hot-Apps sauces.

At one point, Sous Chef J took out a book that he had brought with him – Le Livre Blanc. The author comes from a long line of Michelin three-starred chefs, herself being the first female to earn that distinction in France. The book itself is stunning – the gorgeous photos of the clean yet intricately plated dishes were simply inspiring. I looked for it online as soon as I got home and ordered myself a copy!

It was a struggle but finally it was 10pm and we could all go home. Before we could go, however, Chef made us all gather round while he made an announcement. Apparently no one showed up on time on Sunday and he was not at all happy about that. So while we could come in at 1pm today, he declared, if anyone is just one minute late, that person would have to come in at 9:30am the following day to scrub the kitchen. I immediately made a mental note to come in by 12:30 instead!

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