I know, I know. I’ve got to stop using the word “slow” to describe these dismal dinner services we’ve been having lately. All evening, Chef’s notorious nerves of steel were betrayed by the constant look of anxiety on his face. Without a doubt, tonight was worrisome.

Tuesday was already pretty slow but that was to be expected. I arrived at 1pm and went straight to work, grinding and cooking the duck terrines that Sous Chef S had marinated for me on my days off. We called it a night by 9pm and I was home just after 9:30.

But today. Today was unreal. At one point during service, Station-mate and Sassy Stage, desperate for something to do, both helped me prep out my mise for a batch of piccalilli, one of the last “new” things I have yet to do on this station. Rumors started spreading that it was due to Rosh Hashanah, but I’m not convinced. I don’t like this downward spiral the restaurant seems to be trapped in. I can only hope that things will pick up now that it is officially autumn.

Even Late Night was unremarkable. Sous Chef J spent that time taking care of tomorrow’s orders while I handled both the Hot and Cold Lines. Chicken wings, a shrimp po boy, lots of orders of fries… ain’t no thang. In retrospect, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can make everything on the Late Night menu, from shucking oysters to tossing pizzas to flipping burgers. I even re-purposed a too-small ball of pizza dough and made a pretty darn delicious empanada by rolling it flat, filling with a dollop of lamb ragu, folding it over, pinching it closed, and deep frying it (pictured above). FOH Owner was merciful and issued last call around 10:45. I was home by 11 and even whipped up a quick dinner for me and Honey Bunny to share.

Slow days are exhausting and not in the fun way after a hectic rush. The only silver lining? I don’t have to be in until 1:30 tomorrow!

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