Week 36: Monday Funday


Saturday was a great way to end the week. We weren’t scheduled to come in until 1:30pm, so Honey Bunny and I were able to grab lunch and dessert and watch a movie together before I had to leave. It was like being gifted an early start to our fun-filled weekend.

From the late arrival time, you could probably guess that none of us had much to do. I literally just had to make a smoked salmon terrine, slice some fresno chilies, and cut a loaf of bread. Even coming in at 1:30pm, that left me with three and a half hours to do my work. I was pretty stoked that I managed to finish the salmon terrine in one hour, about half the time it took me when I first started on this station. I told Chef, who always mocks me for spending “all day” on that particular project, but his only response was “Good. Now make it faster next time.” I guess that’s about as much of a proverbial gold star I’d be able to get from him anyway.

I was just excited to get the day over with so that Honey Bunny and I could enjoy our weekend. On Sunday, we had a nice lunch and window-shopping date at IKEA a la 500 Days of Summer, which was a great chance to spend some much needed quality time together. And then today (Monday), I spent my morning watching Chefs Curtis Stone and Art Smith do a cooking demo for a talk show. I was getting pretty hangry (hungry + angry) by the end of it because of all the clapping and smiling, and because I hadn’t eaten (aside from a lovely almond croissant that L had made!). That was soon remedied by our awesome evening plans – a baseball game with unlimited hot dogs and nachos! Honey Bunny and I were camp counselors in college (it’s how we met!) and that organization was having a charity fundraiser by selling these tickets, so it was a great chance to catch up with some familiar faces even though I’m not a fan of baseball. At all.

I was also mostly excited to have fun events happening on a Monday! It’s hard having strange days off, so I really appreciated being able to do “weekend” things on just another manic Monday. Now I feel rested and ready to tackle a new week!

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