Wine and Dine


Yesterday, just two hours after we had arrived, our dining room was filled with a hundred guests for a wine tasting event. In the middle of a Thursday afternoon. Must be nice.


This was the reason for my brioche circles and extra batches of chicken liver mousse. While the rest of the guys continued with prep as usual, Chef, Sous Chef J, and I focused on the party, cranking out round after round of hors d’oeuvres to be passed to the guests. Luckily my prep list was light because that party took up the better part of my day. We made tomato gazpacho shots garnished with tuna tartare on a crostini, baked baby potatoes topped with creme fraiche and caviar, and my chicken mousse bites. It was fun but always a bit strange having to work service so early in the day.


Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen yesterday was finding out that Pastry Girl had made us dessert to accompany family meal. Her brown butter cake and cherry ice cream are pictured above. Yum!

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