100 Tastings


My burn appreciated having a day off to rest, recuperate, and most importantly, stay out of the heat. Thank you to everyone who sent me a quick message to check in on me. Coming back to the kitchen yesterday, I was thankful that the burn hadn’t blistered, but just standing in the hot hot kitchen would irritate it. Sigh. On the bright side, now my hand just looks like I have a really weird tan line.


I spent most of my day preparing for a tasting event the next day (today, Thursday) since it would be at our restaurant in the afternoon. The event sheet noted passed hors d’oeuvres for 100 people, one of which is chicken liver mousse. Chef hadn’t said a damn thing about how he wanted me to do it until just yesterday, so I rushed to get it all ready so that all I will need to do today is assemble. I also noticed that it was the only item for which just one person (me) was assigned. Hopefully I’ll have help today piping or quenelle-ing the mousse out of the vessels I baked it in onto the little brioche canapés I had cut out. I’ll try to snap a picture – I love it when rows and rows of bite-sized portions are lined up like an army.

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