Week 35: First Things First


Saturday’s dinner service was an absolute clusterfuck. Not only was it our busiest night in several weeks, Chef had gone home to get an early start on his weekend, leaving us in the hands of FOH Owner to expedite. He is the one who allows (or encourages?) the hostess to seat many tables at once and the servers to enter multiple tickets simultaneously. As a result, we ended up completely slammed, doing our best to push out food despite our ticket rails being filled to capacity. Literally. I stopped stabbing tickets at one point and just asked for all-day counts on my dishes. Two chicken liver mousses, one duck pate, one tongue terrine, one charcuterie board and two more immediately after that. Wahhhhhh?! Despite it all, I managed to keep calm, stay focused, and work fast. It was thrilling but also frustrating and exhausting.

The new schedule was posted at the end of the night and I noticed two things: 1) I was scheduled to work on Monday and get Tuesday off, and 2) I didn’t have any days on Hot-Apps yet. I asked Sous Chef S about it and he told me that first things first, they need me to come in on Monday so I can start training Sassy Stage on charcuterie. He said not to worry and that he and Chef already had plans to have me work with Station-mate and help keep him organized. We are both happy with that decision as we had great flow working together on Pantry. It was a long and complicated road but it would seem that in the end, we both got to move up in the ranks together!

Honey Bunny and I just got home from poker night at our friend’s house, and I’m sharing in his Sunday night blues (lamenting the start of a work week the next day). On the bright side, I’ll have Tuesday to catch up on chores, laundry,  and all that fun stuff. Till next time!

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