Time to Shine

I felt pretty far in the weeds today during prep, especially since everyone else came in later and had much less to do than I did. I’m a little too prideful to rely on asking for help, so I just kept my head down, focused, and work work worked.

I had forgotten about it all week but our Robotcoupe is broken. Okay, it’s really just a Cuisinart food processor, but still… I had managed to avoid the need to use it. But, I needed to make a backup batch of deviled egg filling. It would happen on a busy day like today that I have to spend extra time on what should have been a quick blitz in the handy dandy appliance. So after painstakingly passing 36 egg yolks through a tamis (a fine mesh sieve), I went to grab the rest of my ingredients. My jaw dropped when I realized that there was no more mayonnaise in the walk-in. NO FREAKING WAY. It was already 4:30 and I was running out of time. I knew what I had to do. Eggs in hand, I grabbed the gallon of blended oil, retrieved the hand blender, and emulsified my own homemade mayo for what was soon becoming the most labor intensive deviled egg mix in the kitchen’s history. Sigh.

It was a respectably busy Friday night, and I ended up jumping on Pantry from time to time to bail them out of the weeds. At one point, I had two charcuterie boards check in simultaneously so that was an adventure. In my hurry to throw the toast into the bread basket, my finger grazed the hot surface of my toaster. SON OF A BITCH, I exclaimed, though this time I remembered what Sous Chef J had told me. He said that if you put mustard on a fresh burn, it will relieve the pain and help the healing process. Luckily, with the new tongue terrine on the menu, I had a bottle of French’s yellow mustard ready to go. We’ll see if it made any long-term difference, but I’ll admit, the fridge-cold substance felt so soothing!

At the end of the night, Sassy Stage turned to me and said, “They said I’m going to Charcuterie next week…. where are YOU going?!” I guess he was worried that I, like the others who have come and gone, am moving on to another restaurant, but then Chef called me over and confirmed my suspicion. On next week’s schedule, he said, I’ll get my chance to work on Hot-Apps!!! I was ecstatic and shared the good news with Meat Guy who had encouraged me to be proactive in finding these windows of opportunity. He congratulated me and phrased it in a way that stuck with me, “You deserve it.” Because in the kitchen, moving (up) from station to station is like getting a promotion, with the endgame being to stand at the helm and run the pass as head chef. This is especially a big deal because historically, there have only been a handful of female line cooks to make it onto the Hot Line, in this kitchen and industry-wide really. I am so freaking excited. Bring it on!

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