Rolling Pasta


Yesterday was a musical chairs sort of day and by this I mean that it seemed that a good number of people were working stations other than their usual assignments. Meat Guy (whom I’ll start referring to as Sous Chef D until I come up with better character names than people’s kitchen roles) was a floater but would run the pass and expedite during service.

This meant that Fish Guy was on Meat. News had spread around the kitchen that he had decided to stay because Chef offered him a sous position at the new restaurant. The current sous chefs took issue with that, as Fish Guy had never worked Meat (covering all stations is crucial) and he always seems to struggle to finish his prep in time to set up for service. In defense of his decision, Chef started giving Fish Guy one day a week on the Meat station. Yesterday was that day and Fish Guy seemed stressed, nervous, angry, holier-than-thou, and frazzled all at the same time.

Station-mate got bumped up to Hot-Apps even though Musician Stage (Mophead) was scheduled to try it out for the day. This put some friction between the roommates and it didn’t help matters when Chef called me over and told me he would teach me how to roll out pasta today. (Hot-Apps always has two people during prep – one to make sauces, lobster stock, garnishes and the other to roll and cut pastas, make ravioli and gnocchi.) He said he noticed that I’ve shown interest in Hot-Apps, so I got the opportunity to spend a solid hour working with and learning from Chef. Woohoo!

Service was okay and ran surprisingly smoothly despite the many adjustments to the “roster” so to speak. I ended up working on my pizza tossing skills, giving Pizza Guy K a hand as pizzas were selling really well last night.  We all breathed a sigh of relief when Chef went home early, and we were able to switch to Late Night at 9:30 so I was home just after 10.

We’re starting at 12:30pm today, though I have a lot to do and will probably come in around 11:30 or 12. Still, this gives me plenty of time to begin reading my latest addition to my library – Salumi by Michael Ruhlman. Yay!

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