Busy Late Night


It felt strange being away from the restaurant for three days in a row, but it was nice getting some extra time off to spend with Honey Bunny, take care of the house, and show his cousin and his cousin’s buddy around our city.

After breakfast at our favorite local ramen shop, I arrived at the restaurant at the scheduled 1pm start time to find only three other guys (so far). Sous Chef S greeted me jokingly with “Go home and come back at 4:30 to set up for service!” My prep list was really light as he was diligent about keeping my station ahead in my absence. I just had to put away the four rabbit & pistachio terrines he had made for me and slice fresno chilies. Just for the heck of it (and to kill time) I also made a round of chicken liver mousse terrines.

Service was pretty slow, so I wandered over to the corner where Meat Guy was working on Hot-Apps on his own. He let me help him with a few dishes and he walked me through the steps, showing me what to look for at each stage. I like learning from him and he seemed to welcome the company (it can get lonely in the corner).

He and I were also buddies for the Late Night shift. The tickets came in sporadically though considerably more frequently than previous Late Nights. I think it was partly due to the addition of a fried shrimp po boy to the menu. That sold really well! Meat Guy showed me how to do the first one and I helped him out with subsequent ones. Time passed fairly quickly that way and I was finally home by 12:30am.

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