Week 34: Lengua


Sorry I haven’t been posting as much this week. Between being uninspired by the series of slow dinner services to possibly not sleeping well (I’ve found myself hitting snooze over and over most mornings this week), it’s been hard to make time to write. But I always do my week-end recap so here goes!

The most notable thing about Thursday happened toward the end of prep. I had finished my list and was helping Meat Guy (who was on Hot-Apps that day) roll gnocchi when Chef called me over. He asked me if I was working on anything and if not, he wanted my help with folding tortellini. I set up a wooden cutting board, laid out the pre-cut circles of dough that Chef was cranking out, and got to work. Before I knew it though, Chef had caught up and churned them out literally twice as fast (I was on tortellini #15 when he laid down his 29th!). He teased me about it but he knows he has YEARS of experience on me. At the end, he simply said “Good job” and we cleaned up the back table so Pastry Girl could get set up for service.

Friday was considerably busier than the entire week preceeding it, so while it was tiring to keep running around, it was a welcomed change of pace to awkwardly finding things to do or clean in order to stay occupied. As a result, Saturday was the first day in a while that we all came in right on time at 11am to get prepping for what we hoped would be another busy night. I think we were the same (or slightly less) as Friday but since we had extra staff, there was always a floater or two who was willing to lend a hand wherever needed. Saturday was also the day we finally ran out of pork & truffle mousse so I could introduce the tongue terrine. It was so good and super tender, which is appreciated because I’m also a huge fan of lengua (in Latin cuisine) and gyu-tan when eating Japanese bbq.

I was just excited to be done with the week because Honey Bunny was having friends over for game night on Saturday and I knew they’d still be playing when I got home from work. Then yesterday (Sunday), we had a dessert date with two of our dear friends, a great chance to actually celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with moon cakes, tea, and good company. I requested Tuesday off this week as Honey Bunny’s cousin is visiting from out of town and though I offered to swap with my Monday off, Chef gave me all three days instead. So YAY long weekend! :)

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