Next Up: Salumi


Yesterday was chaotic after Chef left for the event along with Sous Chef J and a few cooks he had recruited as helpers (I guess they had worked here in the past because some of the guys recognized the familiar faces). As soon as they drove away, just half an hour before service started, the kitchen erupted into pandemonium: the testosterone levels were palpable from the pent-up energy of all the guys, restless from the slowness and free from Chef’s watchful eye.

Two of them were play-fighting near my station as I was plating up some dishes, and when I turned to walk them to the window, one of the guys had backed up and stepped on my foot. I had had enough and shouted a loud, single, commanding “Hey!” that caught everyone’s attention. They apologized profusely and took it down a notch. Thank god for that.

Sous Chef S had a great surprise for me – when he ordered pork butt to make salumis last Sunday, it arrived fresh (not frozen and certified). This meant that he measured out a batch and put it in the freezer so it would be ready for me to make my first batch of salumi today (Saturday)! He told me the duck salumi I’m making is even easier than the mortadella that I had just made yesterday. However, since it will be dry curing (white “good” mold and all), I have to make sure my gloved hands and all of my equipment is absolutely sanitized. Super excited for this next adventure, as I knew I would not want to move on from Charcuterie without making salumi first.

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