No Pressure


The past two days (Wednesday and Thursday) Chef took it upon himself to work with the Pantry Boys. I considered myself lucky to be able to watch him plate dishes with such finesse while being a far enough distance to not suffer his wrath quite as much. He said that he’s gotten bored with just standing around at the pass so he was looking forward to some hands-on work. Plus, he added, the Pantry Boys have been abysmal during service with what he considers to be an inefficient station setup and (what we’ve all observed) really slow ticket times.

With Chef lingering on the Cold Line, there was an element of added pressure. His watchful eye sees all and he’s definitely quick with criticism. Sigh.

On the bright side, he will be gone today working an event, the same one he took me to last year on my second ever Saturday in the kitchen. Yesterday he and I worked in the walk-in to get everything ready – almost 800 frozen squid ink beignets had to be placed into little muffin tins in preparation for being baked just before he and Sous Chef J head out for the event. I didn’t mind helping but man, it was so freaking cold!

I’m a little bummed about not going, but we’re all needed to hold down the fort in Chef’s absence.

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