Octopus and Tongue and Truffle, Oh My!

Yesterday was a garnish catch-up day; the prep day that inevitably happens every two weeks or so when I realize I need to restock on walnut mustard and sweet potato jam (somehow they often seem to run low around the same time). Thankfully this doesn’t give me a whole lot to do so I was ready for service despite coming in at 1 and had time to help Sous Chef S with pastas.

Service was better than it had been all week, and I was kept pretty busy on charcuterie with plenty of boards and a la carte terrines. I had one that checked in for the bar and not two minutes after I sent it out, another order came in, also for the bar. Obviously someone who saw the first one and thought, “What’s that? I want one of those!” haha

But as you can see from the title of this post, I have some exciting new projects planned. My order at the end of the night was unusually lengthy as I requested the ingredients. Today (Friday) I am making that pressed terrine di pulpo (octopus) that I mentioned in my last post. I’m planning to slice it thinly like a carpaccio, per Chef’s suggestion, and serve it with a citrus emulsion, orange segments, and shiso leaf oil (if it works and stays green the way I want it to). Chef said that it would set in time for me to use same-day, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I also ordered four beef tongues for the next special terrine. Those will need to brine so I won’t be working with those again until I come back on Tuesday probably.

And I am excited for my first dry-cured salumi (as opposed to an emulsified and poached salumi like mortadella). Honey Bunny and I had a great salumi di tartufo during our winery tours a few months ago, and Chef gave me the go-ahead to make it. I want to try to do it tomorrow (Saturday) but because we get our pork butt “certified,” it comes frozen solid and I may need to just weigh out the ingredients for Sous Chef S to grind and stuff on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll get to do it myself though!

I’m super excited for these new projects to get me out of this rut; summer is a slow time for us (it’s always been like that) and it feels like such a drag. We all can’t wait for fall and winter (our busiest seasons) to come!

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