One Thousand Eggs

Before Chef left Tuesday night, he asked me if I had a lot to do. I told him that I did, sadly, and his reply was to come in whenever I felt I needed to. I got a text from Sous Chef J who declared it would be a 12:30 day, so I decided to come in a bit early at noon. I wish I had been able to take full advantage of the late start since I would have Late Night later that evening.

Chef seemed surprised to see me when I came upstairs to the office to grab an apron. He was sitting at the company computer when he said to me, “Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?!” as he logged into his business bank account. “BAM!” he proudly displayed the newly approved loan for his next restaurant project. Thankfully, this put him in a good mood all day.

For me, however, it felt like the day that would never end. Assembling salmon terrines during prep is always a chore, but service was painfully slow as well. We were all looking for things to clean and ways to keep busy (and avoid the wrath of a bored and restless Chef). He walked past me as I was peeling boiled eggs and told me that we’re doing an event next month and serving a thousand deviled eggs. “Cool!” I initially thought. And then I realized… it would be my project. Son of a bitch. Sous Chef J made fun of me at first and then reassured me that I would have help.

During the lull, I researched some new terrine ideas and dug up a recipe I had been wanting to try — terrine di pulpo (octopus). Apparently cooked octopus produces a lot of natural gelatin that helps it set nicely as it cools, and the tentacles make a pretty cool mosaic when sliced. I showed Chef and he said I should go ahead and try it. He also mentioned that they used to do a similar dish where the octopus was thinly sliced and served as a carpaccio. Yum! I’m going to work on it tomorrow so we’ll have it for the weekend.

Today (Thursday) we are starting at 1pm and I am thankful for the extra time to knock out some chores off my to-do list. Boring, I know, but at least I feel productive.

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