Week 31: First Demo


Hi friends,

Sorry for the delay in updating this blog, but Friday and Saturday were largely uneventful aside from one major detail — our dishwashing machine broke. On Friday, right near my station, we smelled what we thought was an electrical fire. It turns out a spout of some sort was leaking and caused the motor to burn out, or something like that. So we had to go back to basics, setting up the dish pit in the back sink with its three basins. With all the extra foot traffic carrying dishes back and forth, it was pure chaos.

I had been looking forward to Sunday all week. It was the day of my cooking demo and I was both nervous and excited at the same time. My BFF and his GF were in town for a wedding, and they made a detour on their way home to meet up with me and Honey Bunny and caravan over to the event. It set them back hours on a long drive, so it meant a lot to me that they were there! My parents showed up and I was surprised by the presence of so many familiar faces sitting in the audience. It made my heart melt standing up on stage and seeing so many friends sitting in the front rows.

The demo itself went well. I was anxious about following a cooking-on-camera veteran (the other participant was a home cook who had been on a cooking reality TV show), but when I met her, she told me she was planning to make a salad. After all, she said, “It’s only 30 minutes, what could I possibly make?” This made me more nervous about my decision to cook something from start to finish, a hot dish no less, but I think the nature of the dish made it interesting to watch. I’d like to think my charm won over the audience ;)

After the demo, I felt an adrenaline rush not unlike the first dinner service I ever worked. Surrounded by friends and family congratulating me on a job well done, I felt so loved. Perhaps the best compliment, however, was that I looked like I was in my natural element. Public speaking and being on stage will always be nerve-wracking, but working with food is where my passion lies so that was comforting.

Back to another week!

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