A Proposition


Today was an ordinary Tuesday, though a bit strange to see Chef back in the kitchen after his week off. I came back to find my station in relatively good shape and that Sous Chef S had already marinated a 3x batch of duck pate for me so I was able to get them cooked off today. We didn’t have enough back fat for me to dice and fold into the mixture, so I used some house-cured lardo instead. Should be interesting.

And speaking of interesting, Chef called me outside during service today. He lowered his voice and asked me if I would be interested in going to his new restaurant. I knew he had been planning out his teams for the current restaurant and the new one, and that there are pros and cons to both. The biggest factor for me is the commute time; I live less than 5 minutes away from the current but the new place is in another part of town. I told Chef that I would be interested in learning more about the new opportunity provided that we could revisit the monetary compensation to justify the commute. Chef replied that he understood and that we will “make sure it would be worth [my] while.” The new project sounds really interesting; he didn’t go into much detail other than mentioning that it is a smaller venue and that we would be doing more high-end, fine dining cuisine. Right up my alley!

I’m excited to hear more so I can weigh my options, but I’m already just honored that he asked me to be part of the team that builds and executes his creative vision for the new project. I’m also hopeful that with this new restaurant will come new opportunities for movement up the proverbial ladder. The Hot Line (and someday becoming sous chef) feels well within reach now!

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