Week 30: Six


Saturday marked the end of my first six-day week working in the kitchen. It was considerably more intense than the months I had spent working six days between the office and the restaurant… office life ain’t got nothing on standing on your feet for 12 hours.

Friday was about the same as Thursday as far as number of covers goes, about 80-something on the books. On the bright side, it was payday so everyone was in a pretty good mood.

Saturday started out great – Sous Chef S sent me a text message first thing in the morning that simply read “noon.” Honey Bunny and I decided to take advantage of this extra time together and go get brunch in another part of town. I was running a bit late coming back to the kitchen but it was worth it for the togetherness time, loco moco, and spam musubi. Besides, I was still one of the first people to arrive. The rest of the guys didn’t trickle in until about 1pm, and Station-mate never evem made it (we think he was still too drunk from partying the night before to function properly).


Prep was a-okay. I finished my list by around 3 or so, which meant I could help Sous Chef S with rolling gnocchi and Panda with making tortellini. Funny story about the latter. Later that night, Sous Chef J asked me if I liked totoro. Of course, I told him, My Neighbor Totoro is the hero of every Asian kid’s childhood. Then he proceeded to show me two pictures:


A Google image search for Totoro,  followed by:


Me and Panda making tortellini. HAHA. I almost died laughing. Too freaking cute.

Service was painfully slow and I could really feel the effects of working a sixth consecutive day. I cleaned down my station in record time and was picking up Honey Bunny to celebrate with boba before 10:30. The owner of the boba shop knows us as regulars by now, and he surprised us with two free desserts! You have no idea how happy I was to sit on the bed, showered and finished with work, ready to dig into a hefty slice of Oreo cheesecake. Hopefully those long weeks will be a rare occasion. They’re exhausting!

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