So today, with Sous Chef J’s blessing, I strolled into the kitchen at 1pm. And man was it awkward. I didn’t know I was the only one coming in that late and I felt weird seeing everyone else already hard at work. Oh well. I was grateful for the extra hour to spend at home as I was able to finish my (short) prep list on time. In fact I even had a few minutes to spare and got to eat family meal with some of the guys outside. Chicken tacos with homemade salsa and pico de gallo, all made by the 19-year-old on Pantry. He was quite proud of his work…


Que lindo!

Service was unremarkable and I didn’t notice until Pastry Girl pointed it out later, but without the presence of Chef, Sous Chef S, Station Lead, or Fish Guy today, everything was much more peaceful. Chef, understandably, holds high standards, but the other guys just like to yell for the sake of yelling sometimes. I enjoyed the calmness.

Late Night made today feel extra long, but on the bright side, most of the guys stuck around to hang out with Pizza Guy J for his birthday. Someone went to the store to pick up beers to celebrate and they all just popped them open right outside in the alley behind the restaurant. Sadly Sous Chef J and I were still on the clock, all the way until midnight exactly (darn you, last minute diners!), but as soon as we got the all-clear, we put everything away and rushed outside where two cervezas were waiting for us. Cheers!

Most importantly, however, today marked my and Honey Bunny’s four-year anniversary. FOUR YEARS! We already celebrated early this past weekend with an impromptu trip to Vegas and dinner at the Michelin starred Michael Mina at the Bellagio. But still, I was sad that I was unable to do something special with him on the actual day itself. It’s the consequence of this life – inevitably, you just miss out on important dates sometimes… :(

At least I’m halfway through this extra long week and before I know it, it’ll be Sunday and that means plenty of koala-ty time with Honey Bunny.

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