Dual Mode


We did a decent number of covers yesterday, certainly better than Monday’s disastrously slow service. With 50 on the books, it was not terribly busy… except for me, as I was handling two stations simultaneously.

Chef is on vacation this week, so we are a bit short staffed. Since Pastry Girl is off on Tuesdays, I saw on the schedule that both Sous Chef J and I had “/Pastry” next to our names (he was running the Pass/Pastry while I had Charcuterie/Pastry). It turned out that the intention was for each of us to switch off and handle desserts whenever either of us was free. But as dinner progressed, running the pass took priority (otherwise all hell breaks loose!) so I focused on Pastry. One of the Pantry Boys gave me a hand with Charcuterie if I was busy with dessert tickets.

It wasn’t so bad except for one point when I had a 10-top’s dessert order, needed to throw two chicken pot pies in the oven, and saw two more dessert tickets come in. I had a newfound respect for Pastry Girl for always having to deal with the craziness on her own; it’s not easy, especially with servers coming in and demanding to get the desserts for their tables.

At the end of the night, I broke down and scrubbed both the charcuterie and pastry stations. The rest of the guys seemed to be taking their sweet time because I had two stations finished by myself before TWO guys cleaned the Pantry station. Sigh. I was sticking around waiting for FOH Manager to let us know that they were done with dessert orders, when she came rushing in to ask if the ovens were still on. It seems a busser spilled a pot pie (on someone? on the floor?) so we needed to fire another one ASAP for the customer to take home. These take 15 minutes, so I used that time to make my prep list and detail the oven as it was getting pretty grody around the knobs and switches.

Finally the timer dinged and I could go home. Sous Chef J told me that even though it’s a noon day today (Wednesday), I could come in later, at 1, in exchange for staying late and for my hard work. :) Yay extra sleep!

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