Temporary Pastry Girl


So yesterday was my first of this six day week and I was assigned to the Pastry station. It was only the second Monday I had ever worked and man was it slow.

I was prepared to bake and make bread and maybe even some toffee puddings, but Pastry Girl left a very simple list for me. It was perfect for easing into a completely new station. I cooked up bourbon glaze for the doughnuts, used the ice cream machine to spin a batch of vanilla, made another batch of vanilla ice cream base for the next day, cut doughnuts out of scrap dough, made garlic confit for the rosemary-garlic ciabatta, and sliced thin garnishes from old vanilla pods that Pastry Girl had saved. All things that I was able to figure out from the recipe book and asking Sous Chef S a few questions.


We all finished our prep and got set up for service by 4pm, so we all got to actually sit down in the dining room to enjoy our delicious family meal. Station Lead made an awesome loco moco (a Hawaiian dish of hamburger patty drenched in gravy served over rice with a fried egg on top). We all did our best to not eat too much so as not to get food coma. haha


Service was dreadful. We started with just 5 on the books first thing and ended up with 14 by the time Happy Hour started… before a 4-top cancelled. WOW. So yeah…

On the bright side, there’s always room for dessert, so I did get plenty of tickets from what few tables we did have. I had helped Pastry Girl during service enough times that this was a piece of cake (pun intended); prep was the most daunting part and I had already made it through!

I double checked the schedule and it seems I’m working Pastry and Charcuterie today (Tuesday) as well. It looks like I will be picking up more Pastry shifts as Chef spends more time working on his other restaurant(s); his sous chefs are needed to run the pass so someone has to cover Pastry on Pastry Girl’s days off. I like trying different things and working different stations. It’s a welcome change of pace and always a great learning experience.


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