Week 29: A Normal Weekend


Prep was uneventful aside from one hilarious conversation I had with Sous Chef J. Some of the guys were going out to see Guardians of the Galaxy after work, and they were arguing over who gets to “be” which character. I told Sous Chef J that it reminded me of lunchroom conversations in elementary school. His initial reply was that he did not have lunch time back home in Chile, though they did have snack time and recess-like breaks. After hearing them banter a bit more, he leaned over and told me, “I used to punch guys like that when I was in grade school.” “During your snack breaks?” I jokingly asked. “Si.”

Tonight’s dinner service was epic. It was a formidable Friday and we were all in and out of the weeds many times over. It was exhausting but exhilarating.

First there was a 20-top that wanted to start with 4 charcuterie boards. Good thing I had seen that note in advance so I could slice all of the terrines. When they arrived, I just had to arrange the slices, garnish the board, and toast up the slices of country bread and brioche. It was even faster with an extra pair of hands thanks to Sous Chef J.

Then we had a party of 40 right in the prime dinner hour of 7pm. The chaos that ensued could only be described as a shitshow. Pantry didn’t sous vide nearly as many 63 degree eggs as they should have, and we were waiting on Fish Guy who stepped in and helped poach some eggs on the back stove. In the interest of time, however, Chef conceded to topping the 15 Caesar salads with sunny side up fried eggs instead. It was bad… and the ticket printer was unyielding, spitting out order after order. We could feel ourselves plunging further and further into the weeds. Once the party’s dishes were all in the window, we took a moment to sort out all of the tickets and get caught up. It was nonstop insanity for a solid two hours as the wave crashed onto the Hot Line during the second courses. I helped Chef plate up 10 orders of gnocchi, finishing them with shaved manchego cheese. Once the entrées went out, I rushed to help Pastry Girl, who would have the daunting task of tackling 90 doughnuts (15 orders) and 25 sticky toffee puddings by herself.

After a kick in the butt like tonight, I’m really glad that my weekend came early. Not looking forward to working 6 days next week… although Monday (working on Pastry) should be fun! Till next time :)

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