Pizza Surprise


Today started out fairly ordinary. Honestly, by the time 2:30 rolled around, discovering that Morning Dishwasher had brought us all slices of pizza from his other job was probably the most exciting thing to have happened and I was beginning to worry that it would be the highlight of my day. Mmm pepperoni grease…


But then I went into the walk-in to butter my pork & truffle pate. Chef was working in there as well, covering mini chicken pot pies with their puff pastry tops. He asked me what I was working on and what I had left to do before service. I told him I liked being able to do the pork pates when I need a Terrine of the Day in a pinch since there is no marinating or pressing time involved. His response? “It’s funny isn’t it? I bet you’d never thought you would say that making a pork and truffle pate is ‘easy’!” We laughed over that and he continued by saying that they will “have to get [me] on the line next!” It’s nice to hear that he’s thinking about moving me up, even if it was just a casual comment made in passing.

Later on in the evening, service was so slow that Chef went upstairs to the office to do some research on new dishes and recipes. I had offered to fetch a new bandaid for Station-mate (he had sliced into the tip of his finger earlier today) and when I walked in, Chef asked me how I’d feel about doing a pressed terrine next, similar to our smoked salmon terrine or the Marco Pierre White lobster terrine. He then showed me some pictures of what he had in mind and we read a few websites that had posted the recipes en français. His French is actually quite good, though I was able to contribute a bit! Anyway, I really enjoyed being part of the planning process for the new dish and that’s just one of the things I know I’ll get to do more when I become a sous chef someday. And I can’t wait to try out this new project next week!

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