Yesterday was a 1pm day, with easy prep lists for every station including mine. I came back to find my station, the reach-in refrigerator, and my shelves in the walk-in all disheveled and disorganized. I am still in disbelief that so much chaos could happen in the two days that I am away each week. Sigh.

Service was fairly slow as well, so there was really only one noteworthy highlight of the day. Sous Chef J told me that he needs this Monday off without giving up his scheduled number of days (I thought all of the sous chefs are on salary so maybe he was referring to having a limited number of sick days). He said he is willing to trade his Monday for my Saturday, giving me a real weekend off! I was so ecstatic I told Honey Bunny right away. The only catch is that this means I work a 4-day week this week but six days next week (and Monday will be my first time working the Pastry station on my own!). Still, I’m excited! Adventure awaits!

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