Hell Week 2: Almost Over


Everyone must have had a rough week because it felt like the entire city was celebrating TGIF. Case in point, Happy Hour absolutely kicked my ass. Haha. I was in and out of the weeds so many times in those two hours…. it felt like it would never end. All of the other stations were busy as well, but I (and Pizza Guy K) have the pleasure of flying solo. Even Pastry Girl had her bf Meat Guy to help her, as he was assigned to float today.

Family meal was something heavy and creamy (I think I heard Station-mate proudly announce it as chicken & rice alfredo), so I was worried I would have to endure the long night without sustenance. It turned out that neither Pastry Girl nor Meat Guy partook in family meal (due to both being busy and not wanting fatty food) so I managed to find time to cook a small meal for the three of us. They were grateful and I was just happy to have something I could eat; I would not have put in nearly as much effort cooking for just me. I boiled some pasta, chopped up a few fresh roma tomatoes and blanched broccolini, and tossed it all together with olive oil, salt, and chili flakes. Super simple but comforting.

Two more days of Restaurant Week. Just one day left for me, and for Pastry Girl, tonight meant the long-awaited end to her 10-day work week (on the bright side, she and Meat Guy will be getting a 4-day weekend to compensate). Sous Chef J is back in town and the team is more or less returning to normal. With Restaurant Week out of the way, I can focus on my next projects/challenges!

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