Hell Week 2: Carry On


Yesterday (Thursday) was another noon day, and since I had had Late Night the night before, I welcomed the opportunity for extra sleep. Each morning as I hop back into bed after moving my car from our tandem parking space so Honey Bunny could go to work, I have an internal debate over whether to snooze a bit longer or get up and make breakfast. These days, sleeping > eating.

Despite it being declared a noon day, some of us still had a lot of work to get done – mainly my station and Pantry. It was just Sous Chef S and Station-mate over there and the Pantry Boys had left just about everything on the list for them to prep. Not cool. It was good for me though; they had to push hard to get everything done in time so seeing their pace helped keep me focused and speedy as well.

We had a 20-top scheduled to arrive at 6 but they did not order food until 7 (and even then, only 13 people showed up). Two salumi plates for me, one order of pork ravioli, and ten peach salads. We took over the Pizza station’s table and Chef and I methodically assembled the salads ourselves. “Carry on with whatever you were doing, [Sous Chef S]. [Matcha Bunny] and I can handle this.” I like working alongside Chef (that is, when my nerves don’t get the better of me) and perhaps more importantly, I love hearing British people actually say “carry on.” haha!

I ended up working with Station-mate a lot, just like the good ol’ days. They got in the weeds a few times, so I lent an extra pair of hands to push out the tickets and clear their board. Once they were in a good place, I went to help Pastry Girl. She seemed a bit envious that Chef had FOUR people help on Pantry while she had to do all 13 desserts solo. Even when I walked up one of her desserts on my way back from the walk-in, Chef said to me, “You don’t need to be helping her right now” and gestured to the Pantry station. Poor Pastry Girl. So while she finished up some extra prep in her room, I did a few of her tickets and broke down her station since I had finished scrubbing down mine. I know she would do the same for me and us girls gotta stick together!

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