Hell Week 2: The Adventure Continues


Restaurant Week continues through to this Sunday, so I was a bit anxious to come back and see how the much damage my mise had taken. It turns out that Sunday was quite slow and Monday even slower than that. Sigh.

Still, I had plenty to do today – walnut mustard, sweet potato jam, poached potato slices, harissa aioli, buttering two (regular) chicken liver mousse terrines… it’s only the beginning though. My prep list for tomorrow is quite ambitious. Even though it’s a noon day, I might still come early just to make sure I get all my work done.

Service had its ebb and flow. Nothing for a while, then a charcuterie board. Quiet and then a few Restaurant Week tickets. Although, Mophead (Musician Stage) got pretty far in the weeds during happy hour so I went over to the corner to rescue him. He started the three orders of ravioli while I worked a an order of gnocchi until his station partner for the day Panda (Fish Guy) came back to help. Station Lead noticed my presence and gave me an approving nod.

It turns out that Panda decided to forgo his other opportunity and stay here at the restaurant. Well, technically he is still leaving in a sense… Chef made him an offer he could not refuse: a position at his new restaurant that will be opening later this year or early next. I am interested to see how he will be shuffling around his brigade when that other restaurant is closer to its launch, though I would much prefer to stay right here since it’s so close to home. Who knows what the rest of 2014 will bring!

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