Week 27: Holding On


Well, we did it. The first week of the 14-day Restaurant Week is finally over. Friday brought us the rush we had been waiting for and that carried over into Saturday as well. Service was easily busier on each of those days than the rest of the week combined.

Reinvigorated by that conversation with Chef on Friday morning, I was ready to tackle whatever came my way. What I hadn’t expected was six charcuterie boards, dozens of a la carte terrines, and plenty of Restaurant Week orders… in addition to running both my own board and Pantry’s, where the boys kept getting overwhelmed and confused. Luckily on Saturday, we were very well-staffed and the extra bodies were useful for filling in and lending a hand when things got rough.

On Saturday, I managed to finish my prep list early for the first time ever. I spent that extra hour assisting Pastry Girl. She had relied on Sous Chef J to help her out with her extensive prep list, but he had just left for a week-long vacation… leaving her with all the work AND having to work 10 days in a row before her next day off. WOW. So rolling out pate sucree and cutting doughnut dough was the least I could do. Meat Guy noticed that I was helping (his girlfriend) and gave me an approving thumbs-up.

I was really excited for the weekend though. Honey Bunny and I planned to take his mom out for her birthday and participate in Restaurant Week from the other side. It’s definitely more fun as a diner! His dad (affectionately) teased me about my cuts and burns, saying that I could never win a beauty pageant at that rate. His mom countered, “She already chose a hard life in the kitchen… that ship sailed a long time ago!” Haha. :) We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a fancy restaurant and I think his parents had a really good time. I love it when food makes people happy.



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