Hell Week: Day 2

10407920_10103533810457336_2240249449722734396_nWednesday was a long day… we have all been a bit on edge because this week (other than, apparently, Monday) has not been nearly as busy as we expected and yet the weekend is quickly approaching. We are all still ramping up the prep so that we won’t fall behind for Friday and Saturday (and hopefully tonight).

The early part of my day didn’t go so hot. I was just about to put a pan of charc board jars into the oven to bake, and when I turned to open the oven door, I could feel the pan starting to tip over. “Don’t break the jars!” I panicked. I swung around and caught it in time but the force of my actions caused the liquid mousse in the jars to slosh and the water in the bain marie to splash all over me. And of course, Chef had to be there to witness my fumbling around. Embarrassed, I threw the pan into the oven thinking I’ll be able to wipe the jars off after they’ve cooked (it was much more difficult than I had I done it then and there). At first Chef was concerned that the water was hot, but as I mopped up the mess, I replied that it was just cold water. He didn’t really say anything and I kinda wish he had made a joke or teased me about it or something. It felt like a disappointed sort of quiet. Sigh.

We had twice as many reservations on the books last night as the night before but it felt only half as busy. Pastry Girl was getting really stressed out (it was her “Monday”) so I helped her out with some small tasks to finish setting up for service while Sous Chef J gave her a hand with some bigger jobs like making pâte sucrée. It was a long night for the both of us as we each have solo stations with a lot of prep for Restaurant Week. This is probably the only time of year that I get jealous of Pantry — they have two to three guys prepping on that station at any given time, plus the additional help from Chef or one of the sous chefs.

Off to tackle another day! Today will be better.



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