Hell Week: Day 1


Ahh Restaurant Week. I remember as a blogger, this was always my favorite time(s) of the year. Restaurants all over the city offer affordable prix fixe menus in order to entice new customers, often showcasing classic must-have menu items. It’s an especially great opportunity to dine at any fine dining, $$$$, white-tablecloth restaurants that might be participating. And since food blogging can certainly add up to be an expensive hobby, Honey Bunny and I took full advantage of the week (which seems to get longer and longer each time; this summer is 14 days!) with multiple dinner reservations throughout.

But now, Restaurant Week means something else entirely. Though Honey Bunny and I do intend to pick a destination or two for date night on my days off, the rest of the week is affectionately nicknamed Hell Week at work. In fact, Monday night (the first night of the fourteen) saw a surprising 180 covers. We were terrified of what tonight’s service would bring.

It was another chicken liver mousse day — this time, I made two (regular) chicken mousse terrines, one Restaurant Week terrine, and a round of happy hour jars. That’s 2 kilos of chicken livers and the majority of my day. We also mixed up the garnish for the prix fixe menu, opting for seasonal cherries rather than sweet potato jam. I really like this garnish; we made a port wine reduction and dip fresh, pitted-but-stem-on cherries to coat. So rather than a cooked compote, the fruit is still bright and crisp under the sweet, heavy glaze. Yum!

Despite our anxiety about tonight’s service, it ended up being quite slow (although still respectably busy for a Tuesday). It seems the popularity of last week’s news article is holding strong as I had a few charc boards check in tonight as well. Not bad for my first day back… though we all know it’s only going to get busier as the week progresses!

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