Week 26: Prepare Yourself, Restaurant Week is Coming

Game of Thrones fans, anyone? :)

This past week was completely dedicated to preparing my station for the upcoming Restaurant Week (which starts today, Monday, and will continue for the next 14 days!). On Friday, I made three chicken liver mousse terrines in addition to assembling a salmon terrine. Then on Saturday, I popped out those three terrines and used the molds to bake three more. That makes a total of six chicken liver mousse terrines for the start of Restaurant Week. I also made a round of happy hour jars and charcuterie board jars, which means I spent my entire day processing 2.5 kilos of chicken livers (see picture above). I felt a little bad for monopolizing the oven and Vitaprep, but you do what you gotta do.

I didn’t leave work until 11:30pm on Saturday. I knew I had to butter all of the jars and terrines, but what really threw me off was a table that checked in at 9:55pm (we close at 10) that ordered a four-course meal starting with a charcuterie board. No freaking way. At least my course was first and I got it out of the way early. Still, by the end it felt as though I had worked a Late Night shift I stayed so late!

I’m excited but nervous at the same time. Our restaurant is known for its charcuterie program and the chicken liver mousse is a favorite — I expect it to be a VERY popular choice on the Restaurant Week menu. Ahh!

Oh yeah – Honey Bunny teases that I come home with a new injury each week. Sadly, he’s right. This week’s culprit? I was breaking down a leg of prosciutto and when I pulled out a plastic staple-like clip, it dug itself into my index finger, piercing the nail a bit. Hurt like a mo’ fo’ when it happened, and when I ran upstairs to spritz it with the first aid antiseptic, it stung even worse. Now the fingertip is a bit sore but otherwise healing. Sigh.

I had to take a picture of that evil SOB:



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