That website is a lot more well-read than I had anticipated… tonight I had already served up 3 charcuterie boards  before 7pm. Two more would check in later in the evening bringing the grand total (on an otherwise uneventful Thursday night’s dinner service) to FIVE. Not too shabby! Chef was not running the pass tonight but his business partner FOH Owner noticed the marked increase in popularity for our charcuterie boards and a la carte terrines and seemed pleased. Cha-ching, right?

We started at noon today which gave me an hour less to knock out my extensive prep list. I was able to complete everything I needed to do for today but I wish I had had a bit more time to get ahead for Restaurant Week. It starts Monday and really snuck up on all of us, especially Pastry Girl who has three dessert options to handle on her own. Good thing I have my trusty calendar to plan out my week and make sure I don’t fall behind on any of the terrines.

Oh, and in other news, Station-mate is back!!! Remember he wasn’t doing so hot on Charcuterie so Chef moved him to his other restaurant for some Hot Line experience. Well, Station-mate left shortly after to work at the same place that Charcuterie Guy had taken over and they worked together for a few months. But the fast-casual Mexican restaurant did not provide the finesse and learning opportunity that working under Chef does, so Station-mate is back! He is on Pantry and picking up one or two days on Hot-Apps each week. He seems happy to be “home” and I think it’s nice to have his energy around the kitchen again.

Though it is not without its struggles, I feel blessed to be able to say that I love my job. And on that note, good night, dear readers!


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