Fifteen Minutes of Fame


Two updates for yesterday (Wednesday):

1. Remember last week when the local foodie website photographer came out to shoot our charcuterie board? The article got published yesterday! Chef came over to my station, iPhone in hand, with the page pulled up, and I was so excited to see it. Sous Chef J commented, “Aww how cute! You got your first fifteen minutes of fame!” Sure my name isn’t mentioned anywhere near the article, but I know it’s my work being showcased and that’s an awesome feeling.

2. That big party! Only 28 people showed up despite the reservation being for 45. What a sad party. When the order checked in, I was surprised at how even the numbers were: 13 chicken mousses and 15 wedge salads. Even so, Chef said to Sassy Stage, “Get all the help you can,” gesturing to Dishwasher Turned Pizza, Sous Chef J, and even the guys on the Hot Line. Then he turned to me, “You can handle yours by yourself, right?” Ha! Again, a situation where there’s really nothing you could say other than “Yes Chef” and make it work. I lined up all my plates, loaded up my toaster, and started slicing. I managed to keep up even though there were three people making the salads and just little ol’ me in the corner. It was a sigh of relief when the dishes all went up to the window. (I just wish I could have snapped a quick picture – it was quite a sight!)

Speaking of photo-worthy sights, there was a point in the afternoon when NO ONE was in the kitchen. NED vs. ARG shootout time! Too funny.



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