Plating Fish


Yesterday was a busy prep day, not surprising as Tuesdays have been hits or misses for me. The main culprit? A party of 45 today (Wednesday) that wants chicken liver mousse as one of their first course options. At Chef’s instructions, I made three of the terrine molds (1.5x recipe) while trying to work around the 1pm early happy hour for the Brazil vs. Germany game. (Devastating, by the way.)

Service was incredibly slow aside from a 30-top at 6:30. Luckily there was no charcuterie on it so I ended up floating for all three courses. For the first course, I helped the Pantry Boys with 14 wedge salads while they handled the more intricate peach salad and tuna tartare. I thought I would stay out of the way for the second course, but Chef called me over and asked me to help on Fish. Hot-Apps Turned Fish Guy was trying to plate up 15 orders of sea bass and could use an extra pair of hands. We moved like an assembly line and it was smooth sailing. I was excited that Chef had called for me specifically to help out, even though the Pantry Boys were hanging around.

Sous Chef J had already pre-scooped the ice cream for his many desserts so when it came time for the party, we just put everything together and sent it out the door.

We called it a night and switched to the Late Night menu at 9, so we all got to go home a bit early… I know I could use the extra rest to mentally prepare myself for the big party!


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