Week 25: Fourth of July


Just a quick update while Honey Bunny drives us to our next road trip destination. After working this crazy schedule and trying to get adjusted to Kitchen Life, I really appreciate that Honey Bunny took some time off work so we could enjoy our summer together.

Anyway, the restaurant was closed for July 4th so Honey Bunny and I threw a BBQ for our friends. Chef had asked me about my plans and when I told him about the BBQ, he chuckled a bit. I didn’t understand why until Friday morning when I put together my prep list…. it was like a day at work. Haha! But we love hosting parties and it’s always fun to cook for friends.

Coming back on Saturday was weird. Everyone seemed tired and the heat didn’t help the mood. Service was so slow, except for a brief spell when we were bombed by tickets, probably all 22 reservations checking in at one time. Chef picked up a soccer ball and kicked it around with Sous Chef J by around 8:30pm and we were all biding our time until we could go home (or play the back alley pickup soccer game – Kitchen vs. FOH!). Oh well, at least I get my weekend now, AND the Netherlands beat Costa Rica. Can’t complain :)

Fun fact: I got a small burn on my right index finger that temporarily messed up my fingerprint, so now my phone’s fingerprint recognition unlocking mechanism is no longer cooperating. Sad times.

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