Charcuterie Kind of Day


Yesterday was unexpectedly busy for a Wednesday during service,  at least for my station. I did more boards than I have on some Saturdays and the day felt especially long since I had arrived at the usual time (despite it being a noon day) and I worked the Late Night shift.

On the bright side, I felt really productive yesterday and got a lot of work done, even though I was pushing into my setup time just before service. It seemed that everyone was still scrambling to finish prep around 4:50pm so it wasn’t just me.

I finally had my chance to assemble my own lobster terrine without Chef taking it over. He walked by as I was working on it and smiled approvingly at my technique (which, of course, was his).

The leeks are so pretty when fresh so I snapped this quick photo of them before they got blanched and turned yellow-green.


Apologies for the quick and scattered update; I have some errands to run before work this morning. More later. :)


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