A Tale of Two Stations


Today really felt like a Monday to me; Honey Bunny and I had just returned from a short road trip (he was able to take a Monday off so we could sync up a “weekend”!) and it was the beginning of an especially prep-heavy week. I miraculously scored a Saturday off, only the second Saturday away from the kitchen since my staging adventure began last August (the other Saturday was to celebrate my 25th birthday… at the restaurant haha). The caveat is that no one will be able to prep my station on Saturday (Chef could only find someone to cover service) so by Friday afternoon, I will need to be ready for both Friday AND Saturday night service, our busiest nights of the week. Again, the importance of organizing and planning rears its ugly head.

I stayed focused and quiet for most of the day, just trying to get things done. Marinate the duck pate, harvest the meat from my braised pig’s head, reduce the braising liquid, make my headcheese torchon-style terrines, poach lobster for a second lobster & leek terrine… I killed two lobsters today. Dispatching a lobster on your cutting board is very different from simply dropping one into a boiling vat of court bouillon. Rigor mortis sets in and the muscles continue to twitch and move, independent of the previously attached and functioning brain. It freaked me out, but Sous Chef S refused to help, insisting that I must learn to do it myself. So I manned up and did it. Do what you gotta do.

Service was slow as expected, so Chef left early. Usually one of the sous chefs would have been floating and could seamlessly take over at the pass. However, we were understaffed today (and probably for the rest of the week) so when Sous Chef S went to run the pass, I had to take over Pastry (which he had been covering) in addition to Charcuterie. It was only for a few hours since we switched to the Late Night menu early, but I had fun running around making a salumi plate and then firing a welli, slicing into the chicken liver mousse before grabbing the sticky toffee pudding from the Telly.

Another long day ahead tomorrow… time to get some rest. Till next time!


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