Early Morning, Late Night


Yesterday felt especially exhausting as I had to run some errands in the morning for work. Two items on my order list were panko breadcrumbs (to make another round of those oh so fun Scotch eggs) and blue tape (the lifeline of the kitchen to those who are vigilant about labeling everything). Sous Chef J’s reply to each of those items was, “Can you pick them up?” Sigh. So at 9:30am, I headed to Home Depot to grab the contractor’s special 9-pack of tape before swinging by the local Japanese grocery store to pick up some breadcrumbs (and two onigiri – more on this later).

On the bright side, I managed to finish assembling a smoked salmon terrine in about an hour and forty minutes. I’m getting faster at it each time, so that’s exciting! I have to tack on an extra few minutes for filleting the salmon loins and making the anchovy butter though; Fish Guy told me that he was able to do the salmon terrine from start to finish in 1.5 hours. That’s my next goal!

Speaking of goals, we opened for the snack menu again: Chile vs. Spain! Despite only having a handful of people sitting at the bar, they all ordered food and drink. It surprised me after the first time when we had dozens of people flock to the bar but only a few tickets for food ring in.

Regular service was slow though. So slow that Chef called it a night at 9pm and switched to the Late Night menu. Sous Chef S, my usual Late Night partner, wasn’t working that day so Fish Guy filled in. I had planned to get some prep done in anticipation for all-day service today (Thursday) but I was so tired I had mentally prepared myself to push it off. Fish Guy offered to help and it made the work go so much faster. I was cutting some fine julienne of daikon and carrots for a second batch of pickles, and he showed me some tips to make it easier and more consistent. Much kinder than during the day when all I’d hear (sometimes at me and sometimes at others in the same situation of endless cutting) is comments like “You’re STILL working on that?” and “Those need to be smaller/better/finer!” from passers-by. And I got to knock an item off my prep list! Yay!

Off I go to start another day. Snack menu at noon, early happy hour at 3pm, and then regular happy hour and dinner service after that. Sheesh!


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