Daytime Drinking


Fresh mango as a post-work midnight snack.

The World Cup continues, which means we opened our doors at noon today for the Mexico vs. Brazil game. It is a cruel punishment to try to get work done in the middle of our normal prep time only to be periodically interrupted by the evil ticket machine. Each time a ticket rang in, it made me bitterly wonder what kind of person has the luxury of coming out to our bar to drink and nosh on a Tuesday afternoon. Must be nice…

Today was also the first day ever that I was among the last to arrive, not because I was late (it was only 11:05) but because apparently the guys had all planned to start their day early in order to take an hour long break to watch the game! Oh guys. No matter; Pizza Guy J streamed the game on his phone, so even though I had plenty of work to do, I was still able to listen in on the highlights.

Sous Chef S left me a prep list and even ordered a pig’s head for me to make a second round of headcheese. Unfortunately it arrived frozen solid, so Chef suggested butchering it tomorrow after it has some time to thaw.

I focused on making sure my station was set up properly and double checked my mise. I had to butter two terrines, so I spent a good amount of my day in the walk-in. While I was in there, Chef, who was working on the wellingtons, told me that he had received feedback that the terrines were under-seasoned and that next time, we’ll cook off a small amount to taste and adjust prior to baking the entire batch. He didn’t seem to be blaming me. I always scale the recipes properly and I weigh everything out to the gram, so I think he’s just looking to refine and adjust his own recipe. That’s what I love about cooking; you’re always looking to improve and try something different.

Service was respectably busy for a Tuesday; I generally gauge how busy my station is by the number of charcuterie boards we sell. Today’s number is 3, surprisingly high as we generally sell more pizzas earlier in the week while charcuterie sales soar on and around the weekends. By 9pm though, it seemed that the restaurant had cleared out because the flow of tickets slowed substantially. I started breaking down early in hopes of leaving early, but no such luck – we found out at the last minute that we were getting bug bombed and would have to cover everything, move dishes to the walk-in, clear off shelves… the whole drill.

We’re opening at noon again tomorrow and I’m in desperate need of Scotch eggs, so I’m planning to come in early and make sure I have time to finish my prep. I mapped out my game plan for the next week or so. If everything works out, I’ll be making a lobster & leek terrine a la Marco Pierre White (which Chef had made while working under the tutelage of the man himself!) on Friday and then starting my first salumi on Saturday with a batch of mortadella. Super excited to try these new projects!


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