Go Switzerland!

Scotch egg -- isn't it gorgeous?

Scotch egg — isn’t it gorgeous?

We opened the restaurant early yesterday for the Spain vs Netherlands game. Just like Thursday, we were serving a special menu of snack dishes including cold sandwiches, sausage rolls (bangers wrapped in puff pastry), and scotch eggs. Let me tell you right now: scotch eggs are a pain in the ass to make.

Scotch eggs feature a boiled egg encased in sausage, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep fried until golden. But the difficult part is that a proper scotch egg features a runny yolk, a fragile SOB that has many opportunities to explode during the process. However, after a frustrating 45 minutes of my day, I did it! And I made ten for the next time we offer the snacks menu.

Because we were open for service (however small the menu) during our usual prep time, it added an extra level of stress and everyone was on edge. Meat Guy and I got into a dispute when I had asked him something and he snapped back an answer to which I replied, “I was just asking a simple question.” His reply was that he “didn’t need [my] attitude” (right, like I was the one with attitude) and I was livid. I went to my safe place (in the walk-in) and ran into Fish Guy who reassured me that Meat Guy is just being a little diva. Sigh.

We had a typical Friday night’s service (busy, that is). Things were going smoothly until I heard Chef blowing up about a guest who had sent back the steak dish because he had a gluten allergy and claims he could detect gluten on the fried potato garnish. Our restaurant is very accommodating of allergies, special dietary needs, what have you, but what really set Chef off was that the same guest had ordered (and eaten) the truffle frites as a starter… also potatoes that were fried in the same oil as the garnish culprit. So the conclusion was that the customer was full of it and Chef did something I had never seen him do before — he refused service to that guest. No offer of an alternate dish, nothing. WOW. But I’m glad he stood his ground. We have some strange requests as a result of the food scene we are part of, but complaints like that, from people who just seem to be picking a fight, make me worry for those who truly are debilitated by food intolerance (ones who really do have Celiac disease, for instance). Sigh again.

But in brighter news, we had our drawing for the World Cup betting pool after service. We were all envious of those who had drawn Brazil and Argentina and laughed at the slim prospects of the others. So, with no rhyme or reason other than the hope of winning the $320 pool, I will be cheering on Switzerland for this World Cup! Hahaha.

We’re opening the restaurant at 2pm today (Saturday) for early happy hour during the England vs. Italy game, so we had to plan our prep day around that (prioritize happy hour dishes, expect to lose time prepping in order to do service, etc.). It’s going to be an interesting few weeks!


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