Knowing When to Ask for Help


I had originally planned to write in the morning, but as I lie in bed with Honey Bunny telling him about my day, it would appear that my regaling tales have lulled him off to dreamland. The funny thing is, before he passed out we were talking about the restaurant’s plans for Restaurant Week and he had asked me about the menu. I went through describing the entire thing – three courses with varying options, a total of eight dishes – before realizing that I was just talking to myself. And to the cats; surely they understand and are thrilled by the thought of having an heirloom tomato and burrata salad as an appetizer selection.

Today was exhausting and a firm reminder that Charcuterie is no joke; there is a LOT of work and organization involved. Prep was strange since we were opening up the bar for a screening of the first World Cup game. I had an inkling that I would be responsible for making the Scotch eggs, but it seemed like Sous Chef S and J were planning to split all the work between the two of them. This turned out to be ambitious and they enlisted my help. I am always happy to lend a hand, but today I already had an extensive prep list of my own to worry about. Now that I think about it, I was the only cook working on this special menu in addition to Sous Chef S, Sous Chef J, and Chef himself. Man, I am dreaming of the day when I’ll earn the role of one of Chef’s sous.

Possibly sensing that I was getting increasingly stressed out, Sous Chef J offered to split my prep list with me. He was floating today and felt it was more fair to help me (since I’m always on my own) than to babysit the Pantry Boys (who at least have each other) yet again. We looked over my list and split it fairly. I was so grateful and together we managed to knock off every item on my list, despite his leaving the kitchen from time to time for breaks with Chef to watch the game. AND I made my fastest salmon terrine to date, clocking in at just over 1.5 hours. Wooooo!

To say tonight’s service was “busy” would be an understatement. I couldn’t believe it was only a Thursday; it felt like a Saturday we were slammed so hard! I don’t think we did a huge number of covers, but the dinner reservations were in large groups… an 8-top and 9-top checking in at the same time, a walk-in 6-top… it added up and bombarded us with tickets. Plus we were swamped with a wave of last call Happy Hour tickets at 6:58pm. My ticket rail was completely filled up!

There was no floating for me tonight either. At one point I had three charcuterie board tickets on order. I saw Sous Chef S wandering by and called out to him, “If you’re not busy right now, I could REALLY use your help!” I had just started to feel overwhelmed from being deep in the weeds (when that third ticket checked in I was ready to flip out) but I kept my cool, swallowed my pride, and asked for help in the nick of time. Lesson learned: it’s okay to ask for help. :)


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