Opening a Can of Cornichons

Huitlacoche Margherita Pizza

Huitlacoche Margherita Pizza

I had joked the night before that the only task I had on my prep list for yesterday (Thursday) was opening up a fresh can of cornichons and packing them away in deli containers. When I arrived at 12:30pm though, I quickly discovered that it was no joke. I literally had nothing else to do (at the time anyway).

So I pulled out the giant can and placed it on my station. Passers-by commented, “You’re going too fast!” joking that once the can was open, my job would be done for the day.

I ended up dicing up some dried apricots in preparation for making orange marmalade. I even got some orange peels reserved by the Pantry Boys. They weren’t the same oranges (I use navels for the marmalade but they use cara caras for the supreme segments), but peels are peels. I also got to christen my new gnocchi board by helping Sous Chef S. Sadly, most of the gnocchi were later destroyed when he was blanching them in the pasta boiler. :(

Pizza Guy J and I teamed up to make family meal since he didn’t have much to do either. He had a lot of pizza dough that had proofed a bit too much, so we decided to make pizzas for family meal. We decided up some veggies foraged from the back fridge to use as toppings. For us, however, Pizza Guy J experimented with a pizza dressed with huitlacoche and topped with margherita toppings (sliced roma tomato, chiffonade of basil, mozzarella). It was my first time trying huitlacoche, colloquially called corn truffle but more simply known as a fungus that thrives on ears of corn. So freaking good!

Service was again slow, except for an intense moment when I had two charcuterie board tickets ring in, one after the other. There was only one dishwasher tonight (usually we have two) so I helped him put away the dishes, pots, pans, trays, etc. As they say, there is ALWAYS something to do in the kitchen. Chef left around 9pm and declared today (Friday) yet another noon day. It’s weird having so many of these in one week…


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