Boys Night Out

Grinding A Five Spice Mix

Grinding A Five Spice Mix

After arriving late, we all started our day with a thorough scrub-down of the kitchen. The night before, Chef did the ordering and had told me that he was not calling the meat purveyor so I would not be able to order pork livers for a new mousse I wanted to try. However, when I came in he told me that he did end up calling them and my pork livers were delivered. YAY!

Prep was easy — I thought I was just going to butter two chicken liver mousse terrines and slice some bread, but then I was able to work on the pork liver mousse as well. After the disastrous Vietnamese spiced pate that I had attempted last time (the flavors were good but it was way too salty), I decided to stick with one of the recipes from the book and add Chinese five-spice to it. I tasted it later in the evening while smoothing out and capping the terrines with butter. It was fragrant and quite good! I’m excited to introduce it as the next happy hour terrine.

Service was slow, which is always especially frustrating to Chef. The whole kitchen gets antsy, eagerly turning around each time a ticket starts to print. Sous Chef J streamed a soccer game on his phone in his boredom so I took care of charcuterie and pastry for parts of service. He asked me to cover his station while he went upstairs to do some invoicing, and ironically that was when we got somewhat busy. I fired four beef Wellingtons and left little notes on his tickets so he would know which is which and what timers I had set.

We transitioned into Late Night by 9:30pm and I was eager for it to be over so we could go to a local dive bar to celebrate Fish Guy’s birthday. The rest of the guys headed over early, but Sous Chef J stuck around and waited for me because he needed a ride and didn’t want to carpool with the Pantry Boys. The Wednesday night regulars had arrived by 11pm so Sous Chef S made an executive decision to issue last call by 11:30 and GTFO.

The dive bar was indeed dive-y, and it was hilarious to see everyone outside of work. Sassy Stage in particular had a lot to drink and got incredibly competitive at air hockey, challenging anyone who would dare play against him. The bar was close to the restaurant, but even people who hadn’t worked that day (and some significant others) came out for the occasion. We took turns treating Fish Guy to drinks and before long, even strangers were paying for birthday shots. After watching the guys shoot a few rounds of pool, I called it a night. It was fun though a bit awkward since it was the first time I hung out with the guys outside of work.


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