Cutting into the Head Cheese Terrine

Head Cheese Terrine, English mustard, parsley, capers, tomatoes, fresno chili, lemon

Head Cheese Terrine, English mustard, parsley, capers, tomatoes, fresno chili, lemon

Sadly, another Tuesday where no one left me a prep list. I browsed my mise and my station’s shelves in the walk-in to figure out what I had to do. Not much, was the answer. So I started looking for things I COULD do to get ahead.

We all finished our prep early and actually had some time to sit outside and enjoy family meal together. Pizza Guy J had made spaghetti with meat sauce, and it was pretty darn delicious! The only downside was that heavy meals like that make me want to nap afterward instead of work five hours of dinner service. Ha!

Service was pretty slow today, so I took that opportunity to cut into my new head cheese terrine. Served with English mustard and a salad made of parsley, capers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresno chilies, and lemon juice, it was delicious! The meat was tender and the mosaic of pig face parts was beautiful. Bits of ear, complete with the cartilage, meaty sections of tongue, fatty chunks of jowl… yum! Plus, everything was a rosy pink because of the pink curing salt I had added to the brine, much more appetizing than previous renditions that were brownish in color.

We were getting bombed again, so we took turns bringing dishes into the walk-in and wrapping up the food items in dry storage. It’s scary when we’re slow because we know Chef gets bored easily. Luckily, he seemed to channel his energy into showing the Pantry Boys how to properly slice fish for the tartare dishes. He declared the kids’ knives insufficient and went to get his own. “This is virgin carbon steel,” he announced, “[Sassy Stage], it has something in common with you, doesn’t it.” HA! I had to walk away before I died of laughter and undermined his authority.

Chef called it a night at 9pm, switching to the Late Night menu. We finished packing up the kitchen and I was home by 10:15pm. He also declared today (Wednesday) a late start. “Come in around 12:30 or 1,” he said, “Go to the beach and enjoy some sun.” No beach for me, but the extra time to spend at home with the cats, eat a proper lunch and watch Frozen, is much appreciated.

Singing Hot-Apps Guy and a lobster

Singing Hot-Apps Guy and a lobster


2 thoughts on “Cutting into the Head Cheese Terrine

  1. Andy

    This terrine looks beautiful. The meat parts look juicy and perfectly cooked. I wonder in what way did you achieve for the terrine to hold its shape? Did you use aspic, a protein farce, or just the reduced liquid you cooked the head in? I’m very curious as i am new when it comes to charcuterie techniques. But i think your terrine is very superior to most i have seen. It has a great deal of finesse and deserves the hangtag #soignewest.

    1. Matcha Bunny Post author

      i reduced the court bouillon that the head was cooked in, along with a few pig’s feet, and soaked the face parts in that liquid prior to rolling up torchon-style. thank you for your kind words!


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