Post-Memorial Day Weekend Anti-Rush


This week’s schedule looks strange with the word “OFF” all the way down the column for Monday. With the restaurant closed yesterday, most of us were still left with plenty of mise en place. Meat Guy left me a modest to-do list, so I was able to take my time and ease into the new week. It also gave me the opportunity to slice plenty of salumi for the week (Sous Chef S has been busy curing a variety of salumi in various sizes; I hope to someday take over the salumi program as my station was originally designed).

Others had even less to do, and Pizza Guy J decided to pick up making family meal – a seasoned rice of sorts with chicken and sausage. I had so much leftover scrap from slicing the giant loaf of country bread for my toast that I decided to save it all and make a quick bread pudding. It’s a shame how much goes to waste — I was able to make a full 200 pan of dessert for family meal, and everyone seemed excited as sweet treats are rare. I was definitely judged for asking whether we had any vanilla extract in-house though… (I ended up splitting a vanilla bean pod and whisking the seeds into the custard mixture.)

Chef stopped by briefly, as though to simply assure us that he is indeed alive. He is expected to return to work tomorrow… hopefully I will find an appropriate opportunity to ask him for that raise.

It seems like I’ll be waiting for at least a few more days though. Tonight’s dinner service was terribly, painfully slow. It was a joke; we had 4 on the books. FOUR. By the end of the night, we couldn’t have done more than 50 covers.

We all found creative ways to fill the void. I prepped out my mise for tomorrow; I know I’ll be cooking a full recipe batch of chicken liver mousse terrines so I weighed out the livers, liquor, and salts in advance to save time. Some people cleaned, others started prepping, though most of the guys just enjoyed the opportunity to browse Facebook on their phones. I was reminded of what Station-mate had once said, “Slow nights make me nervous because that’s when Chef starts thinking about firing people.” Let’s hope that this was just a fluke caused by the holiday weekend and not the new normal.

By 9pm, we switched to the Late Night menu and broke down early. I was home by 9:45 which was nice; more time with Honey Bunny and more time for cleaning the house without staying awake until obscene hours of the night.

We get to come in at 12:30pm tomorrow, though I might go a bit earlier to claim an oven. This week is off to a weird start.


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