The Learning Continues: Pork & Truffle Pate

Pork & Truffle Pate, Lobster Butter, Apple Cider Jelly

Pork & Truffle Pate, Lobster Butter, Apple Cider Jelly

A few quick updates:

1) When I arrived in the morning, I was surprised to find a fresh quince fruit waiting for me in my lowboy fridge. It turns out Fish Guy received it last night, had no idea what to do with it, and thought “[Matcha Bunny] will do something good with it!” …. I have no idea what to do with it.

2) The pork & truffle pate that I had made the night before was cooling in the walk-in, ready to be capped. I love the lobster butter. It’s a brilliant, fluorescent orange color, which itself looks cool but it’s even better alongside the chicken liver mousse terrine with its classic white butter coating. This new terrine is like the younger, hipper cousin. I buttered one prior to service so we could introduce it as the terrine of the day. It was selling really well and Chef seemed happy with my results, so he told me to butter the other one (my recipe yielded two porcelain molds). I shared a slice with the guys and, spread over brioche and topped with the apple cider jelly garnish, it tasted great!

3) I started marinating the wild boar terrines today, dicing up a 90-ounce shoulder of wild boar (it said something like “certified feral” on the label), breaking down an over 275-ounce bone-in pork shoulder, and cutting up pork liver and back fat to let marinade in the combination of booze, salts, and aromatics. It’s tedious, but I enjoy getting hands-on with my food. I feel like Charcuterie gives me that opportunity more often than Pantry did, and I’m glad that I get to improve my butchery skills.

4) We had 100 on the books, a decent number for a Wednesday night, until we learned that the reservations were all clusters of medium-to-large parties — 7-top, two 9-tops, 11-top, 15-top, etc. Chef called in for reinforcements, asking two guys to come in just to work service (like I did, also on a Wednesday night, back when I was on part-time!). With the extra help, the evening was smooth sailing.

5) I had Late Night tonight, and at one point, Sous Chef S (my Late Night buddy) was nowhere to be found, so I asked New Fish Guy to show me how to make a late night gnocchi. It was my first time making it from start to finish. The process itself is easy, but man — the saute pans are quite heavy! The gnocchi turned out pretty nicely if I do say so myself.

Time to go! Photos to come later.


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