Hot Hot Heat

First of the Season Strawberry

First of the Season Strawberry

Yesterday was absolutely sweltering. It’s like summer came early… beautiful for spending the day at the beach but miserable in a kitchen that generates heat, traps heat, and absorbs heat from outside. I was whisking butter on the hot line during prep and Fish Guy teased that I was melting faster than the butter. It was intense. Everyone, Chef included, found excuses to go to or work in the walk-in, our only access to sweet, cold relief.

Prep was relatively light. Tuesdays are hit or miss; whomever covers for me on Sundays and Mondays never ends up leaving a prep list, so I spend the first few minutes inspecting my lowboy fridge and the walk-in to check on the status of my mise, looking for things to do. I decided to make a full recipe of chicken liver mousse terrines and poached potatoes for making a salmon terrine the next day. Luckily I remembered the shortage of the smoked salmon terrine because I had texted my order to Sous Chef J on Monday to ask for the potatoes.

Service was surprisingly busy today, at least for me. I had eight charcuterie boards, more than I had all of last week and more than I get on the average Saturday night. Even Chef had to laugh every time he saw one of those tickets come in. “It’s a Charcuterie Day!” he announced. Despite the influx of orders, he didn’t yell at me once; somehow I managed to deliver my food in a timely manner every ticket. After the first four orders, I almost ran out of drippings but luckily made more during a brief lull. The new batch had just barely set when I had another charc board on order. Perfect timing!


I’m not looking forward to prep today (Wednesday) as I have a ton of work to do. I’m having an order of duck breasts delivered to start marinating the next batch of duck & walnut pate terrines. Plus, the smoked salmon terrine always takes me a long time. Oy. On top of that, there are two garnishes that I need to replenish – the balsamic poached pears and the orange marmalade. Luckily those two are a bit lower priority and can be pushed to tomorrow if needed. Honey Bunny pointed out that Wednesdays really are Hump Days for me, as I have the Late Night shift also. It’s going to be a long day…


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