Week 13: Battle Scars

My Army of Bartlett Pears for the Pork Pate Garnish

My Army of Bartlett Pears for the Pork Pate Garnish

My apologies, readers. I know my Saturday night entries have been getting pushed back further and further. By the time my week is over, I go “TGIF!!!”, grab a late night meal and beer with Honey Bunny, and enjoy the weekend.

We were short staffed on Saturday which is quite unfortunate for a Saturday. Station Lead, who was supposed to work the meat station, decided not to show up. Chef had already planned to take the day off to spend time with his daughter. This meant that Meat Guy, who was supposed to help Pantry, ran meat while Sous Chef S, who was supposed to help Singing Hot-Apps Guy, ran the pass. There were seven charc boards, all of which I had to make entirely on my own, but in between, I tried to help Singing Hot-Apps Guy as best I could. It was a crazy night after a long day’s prep (we were ALL either in the weeds or barely finishing up just as service started).

I still had to put away my orange marmalade and poached pears from earlier and “cap” two chicken liver mousse terrines I had made. By the time my station was cleaned down and everything put away, it was nearly 11:30pm… I had just enough time to pick up Honey Bunny and rush over to our local boba shop before they close.

On Sunday, Honey Bunny accompanied me to the doctor to get the eczema on my hand checked out. It had been gross and bothering me for a long time, and the doctor confirmed that it was infected and prescribed an antibiotic ointment. But the funnier part was what happened during the visit. He saw the burns and cuts and scars on my arms and lowered his voice. Delicately, he asked, “…. do you have cats?” I saw the concern in his face but was still a bit confused. Then he continued, “Well, as your doctor I’m obligated to ask… are you suffering from any abuse…?” HAHAHA. I told him about how I’m a cook and explained some of the scars (oven rack, metal 200 pan, fryer oil). Honey Bunny and I had a great laugh about it afterward — apparently Kitchen Life can look an awful lot like domestic violence.

We missed the blood moon last night having passed out so early, but at least that means I’ve gotten plenty of sleep to help me get through the week ahead. We have a special dinner tomorrow (Wednesday) so that’s going to be interesting! Till next time!


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