Oven: 2, Matcha Bunny: 0

Beet, Asparagus, and Burrata Salad (photo taken by Sous Chef J)

Beet, Asparagus, and Burrata Salad (photo taken by Sous Chef J)

So even though everyone got the green light to come in at noon instead of 11am, I knew I had a lot of work to do so I was there by 11:30. I love being in the only one in the kitchen (well, aside from Morning Prep Cook and Morning DIshwasher who are always there bright and early). It’s peaceful with none of the familiar hustle and bustle.

Still, I had plenty on my list today and it was down to the wire — I barely finished wrapping up my duck terrines in caul fat and shoved them into the oven by around 4:30 before scrambling to set up my station for service. And this was when the oven bested me. I had to move one of the racks to accommodate my terrines, and when I was shifting it, my towel slipped and the metal made contact with my left hand. Luckily, it was a small spot and nothing an ice cube or two couldn’t fix.

Later on, during Happy Hour, I had to fix one of my terrines because the aluminum foil I wrapped over the top was coming loose. As I reached in to re-tuck the foil, my right elbow dropped slightly and I ended up touching the pan. Oy. Profanity ensued. Now there’s a burn mark the shape of the corner of the metal hotel pan (a right angle on one side and rounded on the other). I asked Sous Chef J to cover my station for a few minutes while I ran upstairs to get some burn cream (thankfully a prominent part of our first aid kit). It was just not my night!

The rest of service went fairly smoothly. There is a new salad on the menu that looks beautiful but takes a while to plate up, so I stepped in from time to time to help them catch up with the quickly piling up tickets. All in all, a decent night. So far I definitely prefer burns to cuts… feels like less nerve damage. All part of the Kitchen Life.

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