The Learning Continues: Duck Terrine

Duck Terrine - marinating

Duck Terrine – marinating

Yesterday I spent a good amount of my time marinating the ingredients for the duck terrine, a mainstay on our charcuterie menu. It’s also a popular choice — I made three full terrines a few weeks ago and now we’re running low. That won’t be a problem though because I am marinating a batch large enough to yield five full terrines before the weekend!

There’s a lot of chopping, dicing, weighing, measuring, and arms elbow-deep in blood involved. I planned my week’s schedule around this terrine, so I was already expecting to spend most of the day doing this. I have a feeling that this is where Station-mate had trouble — if you over-plan your day, you end up frantic and frazzled when you run out of time.

Prep ended up being very manageable for everyone which prompted Chef to announce that we can all come in at noon today (Thursday). I’m still planning to be there around 11:30 since I have plenty to do and only one person to do it all.

Service yesterday was pretty fun — I had some a la carte terrine orders but no charc boards other than one complimentary one due to a ticket mishap (Sous Chef J was supposed to fire a wellington, a 20-minute item, and missed it). This meant I had time to float among the stations; I even sauteed some gnocchi on the Hot-Apps station. That corner is appropriately named… it’s SO HOT. It was a huge relief working the Late Night shift with most of the stoves shut off.

Anyway, it’s time for me to get ready to go — till next time!


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